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icon-preproductionWhether it’s a product launch, live event or online commercial, an initial workshop between you and the Short & Suite team kick starts the development process.

This is followed by a further meeting where we will present the core outcomes from the development workshop such as initial concepts for the project. A treatment will then be written up for those that are selected.

This is followed by a storyboard in which you will receive a visual breakdown of the written treatment illustrating the overall style from start to finish.

Once Short & Suite have received sign-off for the storyboard and treatment we will start on the script development in which the content is laid out step-by-step in a written format. This gives you the opportunity to decide on the content of any voice-over or presenter dialogue within the video if required.

Short & Suite then finalises all filming locations by confirming bookings and arranging any necessary permits. We will ensure a project schedule is drawn up before receiving sign-off.

Video Pre Production London

Experience shows that continuous close contact between parties is crucial to success. Every item of content will go through an iterative development with up to 3 approval stages. This will give you control over content development, allowing greater changes of content and direction in the earlier stages.

To ensure we deliver on time and within the agreed budget, it is essential to establish clear project governance and an effective production methodology.

This typical production process illustrates the need for:
• Clearly defined deliverables at each stage
• Formal sign-off of each key deliverable before development moves on to the next stage

The benefits of following a structured process such as this ensures you get value
for money and the best quality production to meet your strategic