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Video Trends – The Rising of Prankvert


What is a prankvert?

Prankvert is the combination of a video advert and a prank and is a trending topic right now in the video industry. Prankverts involve placing hidden cameras on unsuspected bystanders who are then tricked into a prank. It has been well received by online audiences and is being widely shared through the social media. Video sharing has increased year on year (over the past 8 years it has increased over 50 times) and this has helped maximise the brands to reach their online audiences.

Why are prankverts so effective?

Within prankverts there are different opportunities of product placements for the brands to show off their products. Prankverts consist of powerful messages from the brand to connect with their target audiences and also emotional responses to engage the audience. Both of these elements are what motivate the audience to share and distribute amongst their friends and acquaintances.

In 2013, the top two most shared prankverts were:

  • Pepsi Max: Test Drive, which received 2.69 million shares and 40 million views.

  • Carrie: Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise, which received 2.17 million shares and 52 million views.

From the two prankverts above and even this LG’s Meteor Strike prankvert:

…you can see the resemblance of these three videos. All of them one way or another create strong emotional responses.

Other recent prankverts:

  • Department of Transport – Think! #PubLooShocker

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7 February 14