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Video for SME – Getting your first video on the website

Welcome to the beginning of a new era – Short & Suite’s First Blog!

In the coming weeks, months and years, we will show you the latest topics surrounding the video production industry and letting you know about our current works.

Short and Suite New Blog

As it’s the first blog, I will keep it ‘short and suite’ and let you straight into a little secret about online videos. Websites that have videos receive 30% more clicks than the ones that don’t have videos. This increase in clicks means more potential customers will be aware of your company and your products. On average, a website with video can retain the user to stay on the page for 88% more time. The longer time the audience stays on your website, the more likely they will make a purchase. Also in a recent study, it was identified that after watching a product or company video, 52% of Internet users increase their confidence of purchasing from that company.

There are also some other interesting video stats that you should know:

  • Online video consumption increased by 38% within just one year
  • By 2015, 57% of internet traffic will be on video
  • 78% of online users watch videos at least once a week and 55% watches it everyday
  • A study from Forbes showed that – “65% of senior executives have visited a company’s website after watching a video.”

By including and optimising a video on your website, it helps boost your website’s SEO. In search engines, almost 70% of the top 100 search-listings are video results. By using videos on your website, the chance of getting to page one also increases by up to 53 times.

Hopefully you haven’t been overwhelmed by the impressive stats that online videos have. If your website is still as plain as a sheet of white paper, it is definitely time to put a video on it and attract more audiences.

No matter if it’s an About Us, Product Demo or Testimonial video that you are looking for, Short and Suite is here to help.

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30 October 13