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New video package aiming for SMEs in the UK

Short & Suite Studio Case Study

Recently we launched a brand new video package aiming for SMEs in the UK. This is great for SMEs that are looking for a quick, low cost and high quality video produced for them.

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The video can be used in different areas to help your business. It can be placed on your company’s website, which can help boost SEO, or it can be used for other marketing purposes, e.g. events or recruitment fair, which can help your business get noticed. We are offering 5 different types of videos that you can choose from: About us, Product demo, Award entry, Training and Testimonial videos.

What is included in the package?

• Half a day in our studio and edit suite.
• 2 man crew (1 producer and 1 camera op.)
• All filming equipment you need
In addition, you can also include if required:
• Voice-Over
• Presenter
• Video SEO

Testimonies from our clients:
Before the launch of this video package, we were able to invite 3 companies to our studio for a trail day. The companies that were involved: a Bespoke Jeweller, a Digital Marketing Agency and a Data Analytics company. All of them were looking for videos that can be put onto their website. They chose Product Demonstrations and About Us videos, which match their requirements. After filming, editing and the finish product given to the clients, we asked for feedback about the day. Here are some of the comments:

• “Very pleased – looked very professional”
• “I felt the set up was professional, but relaxed”
• “Overall, the staff and facilities were great. Everyone was professional…the filming room looked high quality and reassuring.”
• “I can’t think of what else you could have done to make that much better”

Take a look at our video a la carte menu below. If you would like to discuss about the package or other video services, give us a call on 02036422204 or email us at


8 November 13